Schmidt on Taos short list

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Education> Taos hopes to have superintendent in place by July 1

By Tris DeRoma

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gene Schmidt is apparently on a short list of candidates for a superintendent of schools position with the Taos Municipal Schools.
Taos School Board member James Sanborn said their interview committee, which is made up of teachers, school administrators, the Taos parent-teacher organization and the Taos Pueblo has recently honed that list down from 18 candidates to six plus two alternates.
Sanborn declined to give specifics on why the eight candidates were chosen, saying it was a committee from the New Mexico School Board Association that started the process.
“They organize a small committee of people to come up with questions and issues that get used in the initial screening,” he said.
He did say the board is formulating questions to ask them at a later date, possibly April 5.
“Tonight, the school board and the committee are having a meeting tonight to put together a list of questions to ask the candidates,” he said. Sanborn added they hope to have a new superintendent in by July 1, the start of the district¹s fiscal year.
According to Esther Winter, the human resources director for Taos Municipal Schools the salary for the job will be between $105,000 to $111,000. “The salary range is dependent on experience, and it could possibly be even a little bit more,” she said.
Earlier this month, Schmidt announced his resignation citing he didn¹t feel he had the full support of the school board anymore. So far, the school board has declined to respond directly to Schmidt¹s comments.
Schmidt officially confirmed Monday night at a school event that he is indeed on Taos’ shortlist.
“I’m very intrigued with the news,” he said. “Wendy (his wife) and I have alreadygone up to visit the community to see what our skillsets may offer,” he said.
Schmidt added that if he is accepted, he will give the school district the same attention dedication he gave Los Alamos.
“Taos is a lovely part of the world with a long and rich tradition and if that is the where our future takes us then we will do everything we can raise their student achievement equal to or higher than Los Alamos,” he said.