Scam Alert!

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By The Staff

A Los Alamos woman reported this morning she received a telephone call at her home from a man asking for money who gave his name as Mark Gibson.

He told her she had won a large amount of money that would be delivered to her home in “Los Alamos, New Jersey” if only she sent him a much smaller amount of money through Western Union or Money Gram, for shipping and handling and IRS fees.

The man had a heavy accent and a static-filled phone line.

He told her to send the money to:

Buddy Lowder

304 E 10th St.

Oakboro, NC 28129

He told her the contact information for his company was:

International Sweepstakes

303 Carson St.

Las Vegas, NV 88426

phone: 702-421-8325

When she told him she was going to report his scam, he made obscene and threatening comments to her.

Los Alamos police advise anyone receiving a request for money over the telephone, e-mail or door-to-door to hang up, delete or shut the door.

No legitimate organization will request money in this manner.