Running: Roy Cope tops weekly pace race

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By The Staff

Roy Cope finished as the top predictor at Tuesday night’s pace race.

The pace race is a weekly event sponsored by the Atomic City Roadrunners. Tuesday’s race was run at American Springs, near Bandelier National Monument.

Cope finished just 2 seconds off his predicted finish time at the race. As good as Cope’s prediction was, however, he just nipped competitors Alejandro Romero (3 seconds), Michael Jablin (5 seconds), Gil Butler (7 seconds) and Aaron Goldman (12 seconds).

Jamie Jablin was the top finisher on Tuesday’s 5-kilometer course, just topping twin brother Michael by 1 second. Jamie Jablin finished in a time of 21:55.

The fastest woman on the long course was Cuihuan Wang, clocking a 33:25.

On the 1-mile course, Romero finished in 6:29. Lauren Bucklin was the top female finisher with her time of 12:36.

The next pace race will be held Tuesday starting at the entrance to Guaje Pines Cemetery on Range Road.

For more information about next week’s race, call 672-1639.

Here are the results from Tuesday’s pace race:

5-kilometer course

1. Jamie Jablin, 21:55; 2. Michael Jablin, 21:56; 3. Thomas Klimczuk, 25:57; 4. Tom Sandford, 32:20; 5. Chuck Keilers, 32:48; 6. Cuihuan Wang, 33:25; 7. Gil Butler, 34:33; 8. Aaron Goldman, 40:42; 9. Karen Thron, 36:43; 10. Roy Cope, 44:02; 11. Ted Williams, 45:23.

1-mile course

1. Alejandro Romero, 6:29; 2. Daniel Romero, 7:06; 3. Nathan Romero, 7:18; 4. Lauren Bucklin, 12:36; 5. Inez Ross, 16:01; 6. Joan Williams, 22:16; 7. Jackie Peckham, 27:05; 8. Nancy Cope, 29:04; 9. Helen Cake, 31:30.