Running: Marr wins this week’s pace race

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By The Staff

Jackie Marr was the top predictor at Tuesday’s pace race.

The pace race, sponsored by the Atomic City Roadrunners, started at Piñon Park in White Rock and continued on the nearby bike path. In all, 23 runners and walkers took part in Tuesday’s race.

This week’s pace race featured a staggered start, with the slower predictors starting first. Those with perfect predictions would finish at the same time.

Marr, on the 1-mile course, finished with a prediction error of just 11 seconds, topping Daniel Romero’s 18-second error and Duane Marr’s 19-second error.

Romero was the fastest finisher on the short course Tuesday.

On the 3-mile course, John Erickson was the top predictor. He was 35 seconds off his predicted finish time.

Erickson was followed closely by Charles Keilier (36 seconds), Pam Erickson (37 seconds) and Erin Powers (39 seconds).

The fastest finisher on the 3-mile course Tuesday was Ted Romero.

The next pace race will be the Roadrunners’ annual Lollipop Run. That run, which will be held Tuesday, will start at the roundabout near North and Barranca Mesas.

Tuesday’s course will be suitable for strollers.

For more information about next week’s race, call 662-2856.

Here are the results from Tuesday’s pace race. Prediction errors, in seconds, are listed in parentheses.

1-mile course

Jackie Marr (11); Daniel Romero (18); Duane Marr (19); Inez Ross (36); Jennifer Reglien (37); Bob Reedy (55); Susan Mendel; Aidan Cooley.

3-mile course

John Erickson (35); Charles Keilier (36); Pam Erickson (37); Erin Powers (39); Roy Cope (41); Ted Romero (85); Tomasz Klimczuk (87); Cuihuan Wang (88); Gil Butler (94); Ted Williams (109); Taran Cooley (120); James Cooley (121); Paul Bustamante (143); Rory Cooley; Aaron Goldman.