Running: Klimczuk is tops at pace race

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By The Staff

Mikolaj Klimczuk was the top predictor at this week’s Atomic City Roadrunners’ pace race.

This week’s pace race was held Tuesday on Powerline Road outside of White Rock. A total of 18 runners and walkers took part in the weekly event.

Klimczuk, racing on the 1-mile course Tuesday, finished with an adjusted prediction error of just six seconds to earn the victory.

The second-best prediction Tuesday also came on the 1-mile course, with Alexander Romero missing his finish time by 15 seconds.

On the 3-mile course, Nathan Romero had the best prediction with his 40-second error. Romero was followed by Dan Rees (44 seconds) and John Rees (46 seconds).

Because of a timing malfunction, however, six runners on the 3-mile course didn’t receive a finish time.

The fastest finisher on the short course Tuesday was Alexander Romero, who came in with a time of 6 minutes, 12 seconds. On the long course, Nathan Romero posted a time of 23:10, the fastest finish there.

The next pace race will be Aaron Goldman’s Bagel Run. The annual Bagel Run will start at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Los Alamos County Ice Rink.

For more information about the next pace race, call 662-5959.