Road to nowhere?

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By Ralph Damiani

The council was faced with a tough decision this week. What to do about the so-called large intestine at the intersection of Jemez and Diamond roads.

The lawsuit that the county filed had a very unsatisfactory outcome – with the county winning an empty victory.

Money that was promised by the state never came and the county got the much more expensive end of the road work.

And the intersection at Diamond has to be completely rebuilt to be of any use to any one.

And all of this came to a head before the council this week.

In a presentation by Public Works Director Kyle Zimmerman, the council was asked to approve an agreement for design and engineering services for the West Jemez Bypass project.

And the $12 million price went up by $261,625.

Another problem is that the county is having to foot much more of the bill then originally thought. The county was supposed to receive $6 million in funding from the state – a number promised to us by Gov. Richardson. But all that has ever been received is $2 million.

Leaving us to pay the remaining $10 million - which is now $10-and-a-quarter million.

So it is no wonder that some members of council had second thoughts about the project.