Rip out Trinity Drive completely

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I propose that the entire length of Trinity Drive be ripped out and replaced with a pedestrian park, which we can call Trinity Mall.  The county will put  in trees, shrubs, flower gardens, an aviary and walking and  bike paths.  
The county will provide horse and buggy rides along the  entire three mile length of the park in summer, spring and fall;  with  free sleigh rides in the winter.  The county will provide skis for cross country skiing in winter and bikes for travel the rest of the  year.  Ashley Pond will become a stocked fishin’ hole with county  provided fishin’ poles and bait.  The quality of life in town will be  greatly improved with this plan.
Oh,  you say you need to get to work at the lab or hospital.  Central  Avenue and Canyon Road can still be used to get across town, if you don’t want to take the free county provided transport in the mall.   Please  let your county councilors know your preferred vision for Trinity Drive.

N. Delamater
Los Alamos

I have a dream?!

You should probably consider not eating so close to bedtime.