Richards has energy, enthusiasm

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The candidacy of Stephanie Richard for House District 43 gives Los Alamos and its immediate neighbors at last an opportunity to participate actively and effectively in the legislative process.  Stephanie’s energy and enthusiasm will jump-start legislative efforts to find solutions to the problems of under-funded and under-achieving schools, foot-dragging on campaign and ethics reform, and the development of a strong New Mexico economy friendly to locally-owned small businesses.


A look at the contributors to the District 43 incumbent’s campaign shows contributions from lobbyists and PAC’s for the tobacco, oil and gas, communications, surface mining, dental, pharmaceutical, chemical, lending, and medical industries – a rogue’s gallery of corporate interests and corporate polluters.  No wonder New Mexico can’t make any headway toward the future:  the legislature is hobbled by these corporate PAC’s and lobbyists. 


Stephanie’s lists of contributors includes page after page of just-plain-people and some institutional contributors such as Teacher’s, Plumber’s, and Firefighter’s groups and education PAC’s, a couple of justice PAC’s and a few small businesses – a pumping company, an accountant.  Stephanie’s not on the corporate payroll – she is supported by the working and small business people of New Mexico.  Those are my kind of people.


We are voting for Stephanie Richard.  We hope you will too.



George Chandler


Chris Chandler