The rewards of teamwork revealed in Kelly Hall

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By Kirsten Laskey

The new Kelly Hall at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church is 100 percent homemade.

Parishioners had a hand in everything from landscaping to the actual construction of the new hall.

The result is not only a new, expansive, addition to the church but also a testament of what team work and a little faith can accomplish.

The project started in 2007 and it should be entirely completed by the grand opening, which is scheduled for Aug. 29.

Kelly Hall is named after Rev. Father Kelly who has served at the church more than 24 years. It is more than 4,000 square feet and will feature a full kitchen.

Some of the key players in the project include John Taylor, who built most of the kitchen, TK Thompson, who serves as the finance manager, Bill Hamilton, who works as the project manager and Chandra Marsden, who is in charge of landscaping.

Plus, the congregation raised about $1.2 million for the new addition. The money was raised through drives, fundraisers and pledges. The church will still have a mortgage on the hall, however,

Lisa Rothrock, a member of Trinity on the Hill and a contributor to the landscaping around the hall, said the new addition is “beautiful. It’s big and a comfortable, warm space, and we want the community to see it and know that everybody can use it, not just us,” she said.

This is a major project for Trinity on the Hill. The church, which was established in Los Alamos in 1954, constructed an addition for its Sunday school in the past.

Having the congregation completely involved in the current project adds to the hall’s attractiveness, Rothrock said.

“Everybody has been pitching in like mad to offset some of the costs,” she said.

This collaboration also “personalizes it so much more and made it mean so much more,” Rothrock explained.

To her, Rothrock added, the project states, “It’s a part of me. I’m a part of the church, too.”

There were several reasons why the new hall was built. One was to provide easy access to the church’s entrance for parishioners who are senior citizens or handicapped. Plus, it will allow the church to enhance its ministry to the community and reach out more to Los Alamos, Rothrock said.

She added the church had outgrown its original space.

The congregation learned a lot throughout this whole process, Rothrock said.

“It’s amazing how much God has provided in spirit in the church,” she said. ”The faith we had to build when the lab was looking at reductions ee when things were looking rough to have faith in God that this is what He wanted for us.”

It also brought the community and the church closer together, Rothrock said.

Additionally, the church learned, “how to accommodate each other and love each through stressful times and to be flexible and draw closer to each other because of that,” she said.

The church is continuing to strengthen its bonds with others by inviting the public to its grand opening ceremony from 3-7 p.m. Aug. 29.

Rothrock explained the community has shown wonderful support “and we just want to give back to the community and share this with them.”