Review: Weck's needs some work

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By Jennifer Garcia

With so many restaurants in Santa Fe, it’s hard to pick just one. If your trips to the City Different only happen on weekends like mine do, weeding one favorite out from the list can be a task, so when it comes to trying a new place, it better be pretty enticing otherwise I’d just rather stick to what I know.
On a recent Sunday jaunt down Cerrillos Road, I noticed that Weck’s had opened right next door to Dion’s.
I’d always wanted to try one of the Weck’s locations in Albuquerque, but could never pry myself away from some of my favorite Albuquerque eateries. I figured this was my chance. My two dining partners also were eager to try the new place, so we stopped in.
Judging by the full waiting area, one can assume that either Weck’s is pretty darn good, or everyone had the same idea; they wanted to give the new place a try.
The wait was about 20 minutes, so we perused the menu while we waited for our table. Weck’s specializes in breakfast and lunch, but they offer a variety to choose from. Some of the breakfast offerings included: “Full Belly” omelettes, papas, egg plates, breakfast quesadillas, breakfast burritos, chicken fried steak, pancakes, French toast and oatmeal.
Lunch offerings include a variety of sandwiches, burritos, soups, salads and burgers. They also offer vegetarian dishes, including a Boca burger.
Weck’s staff is very friendly. From the host to the waiter, to the cashier, we were greeted and thanked for trying their restaurant. After waiting our turn, we were seated. The dining room is divided into two separate areas. The one at the front of the restaurant was full, so we were escorted to the back dining area, where the Packers/Bears game was being broadcast on a flat screen TV. The waiter wasted no time in taking our drink and appetizer orders. The drinks were huge, and as we’d soon find out, so are the food portions.
We ordered chips and salsa, which came out promptly with our drinks. The chips were perfect; not too salty, not too greasy and best of all, they were crunchy. The salsa was a different story. While the taste wasn’t bad (it was thick and tomatoey), it had a lot of cilantro in it, which I’m not fond of. Also, there was a sweet undertone to it that I couldn’t place. It wasn’t unpleasant, but there was no fire to it at all. I’ve had hotter salsa from a jar.
One of my dining partners is a huge fan of huevos rancheros. Every time he sees it on the menu, he has to order it. This time was no different. I opted for a burger, as did my other dining partner. We both ordered the bacon cheeseburger with cheddar and a side of crinkle-wedge fries.
We had just finished our chips and salsa when the entrees came out. The huevos rancheros were smothered in red chile and looked good. My partner ordered a side of wheat toast, which was perfectly toasted — not too light and not too dark. The side of carne adovada that he ordered to accompany his huevos rancheros was just OK. Again, there was no fire in the chile.
Our burgers were huge and were covered with gooey cheese. I was a little disappointed with the fries, however. When I saw crinkle-wedge fries on the menu, I expected something that resembled waffle fries. Instead, chunks of potato graced my plate, with little resemblance to what I’d call a fry. Nonetheless, I gave them a try. They were tasty all by themselves, no ketchup needed. Not that I had any ketchup anyway, or mustard, for that matter. Or bacon.
As my partner and I began to assemble our burgers, we noticed that there was no bacon on our bacon cheeseburgers. I promptly flagged down the waiter who said he had only heard the cheeseburger part of our order, thus he didn’t put an order in for bacon cheeseburgers. I said that was fine, no bacon needed and left it at that.
 It was at that point that the waiter asked if we’d like mustard or mayonnaise for our burgers. We both asked for mustard, but had to wait about 10 minutes before we got any. We nibbled on our fries and waited for the mustard, as our burgers got cold. Finally, the waiter reappeared with not only mustard, but also two slices of bacon for our burgers, even though I told him we didn’t want any after all.
The bacon was thick and greasy, but had a good flavor. Too bad the burgers were lukewarm. Regardless, the patties had a good flavor as well.
The huevos rancheros, on the other hand, were a little disappointing. Much like the salsa, the chile they were smothered in had no fire to it and the flavor wasn’t at all what you expect in Northern New Mexican fare. One could chalk it up to Weck’s being an Albuquerque-based restaurant, but I’ve had chile in Albuquerque that will knock your socks off.
Refills were offered when the meal was just about finished, so there was no way that we could have finished them, given their enormous size. The waiter brought our check promptly and was nice enough, but there were some problems with his service that day. Maybe it was because it was very loud in the dining room? At any rate, he had forgotten a couple of items at the table directly across from us, and the table behind us, at which a large party was seated, didn’t get their food until after ours was delivered — and they were there before us.
I was unpleasantly surprised to see that not only had he brought us the forgotten bacon, but he charged us for it as a side item, so it came out to $2.98 for two pieces, which is more than it would have been if we had been charged for the bacon cheeseburgers we ordered in the first place.
Even though I wasn’t thrilled with our experience that day, I’d go back once more to try the breakfast offerings. Maybe it’s because that location is new, or maybe the wait staff is inexperienced, regardless, Weck’s is going to have to step it up if they intend to have repeat customers.

Short order

Lunch for three at Weck’s

Chips and salsa: $2.49
Huevos Rancheros: $8.39
Two burgers with cheddar: $16.78
Side of bacon: $2.89
Side of carne adovada: $3.69
Two soft drinks: $4.78
Iced tea: $2.39

Total before tax and tip: $41.41