Review: 'Moonlight and Magnolias' glows

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LALT’s latest production sheds some light on the struggles of making ‘Gone With the Wind’

By Jennifer Garcia

Being trapped in a room with a boss and co-worker probably isn’t how most people want to spend a day, never mind five days, especially when there’s only peanuts and bananas for subsistence, but that’s exactly how Victor Fleming, Ben Hecht and David O. Selznick spent a week while working on the screenplay for “Gone With the Wind.”
Los Alamos Little Theater’s latest production, “Moonlight and Magnolias,” by Ron Hutchinson, chronicles the trio’s journey to write what would become a very well known film.
The play starts out with Selznick shutting down production of the film. He soon employs Hecht and Fleming, who will ultimately write the screenplay. He tells his secretary Miss Poppenguhl that there are to be no interruptions while the group is working, then promptly locks them and himself in his office. Poppenguhl is also unable to leave, as she must be at Selznick’s beck and call.
Larry Gibbons plays Ben Hecht, who doubts that “Gone With the Wind” will be worth viewing and is therefore reluctant to write the script.