Rev. Oleksa to take over St. Dimitri's

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The Rev. Dr. Michael J. Oleksa, a veteran of more than 40 years ministry in Alaska, will officially assume pastoral leadership of Saint Dimitri Orthodox Christian Church in Los Alamos on Oct. 1.
Father Oleksa comes to Los Alamos after having served as Dean of Saint Herman’s Seminary in Kodiak, Alaska and Chancellor of the Diocese of Alaska. Father Oleksa is well known across the country for his humorous, entertaining and informative PBS television series “Communicating Across Cultures” which he produced in Juneau, Alaska nearly 20 years ago.
“I recorded that series,” Fr. Oleksa said, “so I would no longer have to give those lectures after repeating them for 25 years.
The author of four books focusing on Alaska Native cultures and history, Father Oleksa has taught courses in these fields on all three major campuses of the University of Alaska.
Saint Dimitri Orthodox Church is located at 2270 39th Street off Diamond Drive. Additional information is available at stdimitri.org, or by calling 412-5707.