Residents react to new muni building

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By Arin McKenna

Overall response to the new municipal building skewed to the positive, although there were some caveats with the design. Here is what some people had to say.

Roland Caspersen: "I was against building this way back, because they had the old building, and I said, don't tear it down. But now that it's here, it's fantastic; and I'm all for it. It's lovely."

Michael Redondo: "It's a beautiful building except for the giant, dark entrances–like the way they sort of diminish as you go. It stretches things out, and for some reason it gives me a sense of foreboding to walk down them, like I'm going to my doom.

"But otherwise it's a wonderful building. A lot of the goals have been achieved. It's great that county government is all together in one place finally. That's going to be immensely useful for efficiency. And the space here for the historical society is great. It's going to be wonderful for them and for the community."

Redondo would have liked to see "a more environmentally sensitive design" that incorporated passive and active solar and a rainwater collection system on the roof.

"We can afford to do that sort of thing," Redondo said.