Resale scheduled for Saturday

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Middle school cheerleaders hope to raise funds for new uniforms

By Special to the Monitor

The Los Alamos Middle School cheerleaders have a tall order to fill this year. The athletic coordinator, Darren Jones, asked that the program “be designed as a sports marketing program to increase school spirit through increased attendance at athletic events and by making games a fun and energetic place to be that builds camaraderie.”
Since Jones’ request, the 2010-2011 cheerleaders, under the direction of Coach Denise Greene, have been busy trying to fulfill it.
To accomplish this goal, the cheerleaders take time out of their practices to plan “spirit building” each week. These activities are meant to get the students excited about attending games and participating as a fan, or as an athlete.  
The LAMS cheerleaders put a lot of time and effort into their spirit building activities, with the emphasis on getting the students involved and supporting all the middle school athletic teams.
In addition to after school and many other events, the cheer team finds time to hold practices to improve their cheer skills and stunting abilities. Greene has been coaching cheerleading in Los Alamos since 2002 and said she is impressed with the positive attitude, effort and dedication of this cheer team.
“They work well together and support each other, so they can perform better as a team,” Greene said. “They recently did an amazing job putting on LAMS’ first ever pep rally.  They performed a flawless, energetic dance routine with stunts for the crowd.”
Greene said that she and the team are grateful to live in such a supportive community, “where living these values is the best way to teach them to our children.”
Greene said the Hawks cheerleaders do their best to raise school spirit, community pride and increase student involvement as a way to make a positive impact on their school and community.
“Unfortunately, they do all this while performing in mismatched tops and skirts dating back from 2003, when the LAMS cheer program was started, to 2007,” she said.  “The cheerleaders are trying to raise the funds needed to outfit our 14 team members in matching uniforms to look like the cohesive team that they are.”
As a result of their efforts, the teams is holding a resale from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday at the Pueblo Gym.
“We have TV’s, VCRs, bed frames, etc. as well as clothing for children and adults, too,” Greene said. Those who wish to sell items may buy space for a $20 fee. Donation items are also being accepted, to be sold at the resale.  For more information call 661-0248.