Report finds New Mexico’s improved

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By Ralph Damiani

  Two petitions have been presented to council regarding the Judicial/Police/Jail Complex and two petitions have failed to have an impact on councilors’ decisions to push through with the project.

  On  Tuesday night, Council approved GMP #2 in the amount of $15,011,650, as well as the 100 percent drawings on the project.

The motion passed 5-1, with Vice Chairman Robert Gibson standing his ground against it. Earlier in the evening, councilors heard from Min Park and a handful of Los Alamos County residents, who urged them to stop construction on the project.

During the presentation on the petition, councilors chose to reserve their remarks until the presentation for GMP #2 came up.

Gibson said he did not want to express his opinions on the project because he had done so before.

“I’ve expressed my concerns about what I think is the excessive scope and process of this project and I won’t duplicate them again this evening,” he said.

During his presentation Park restated that he believed the complex was too big. In an effort to provide clarification about the size of the current plans, Chairman Jim Hall addressed Police Chief Wayne Torpy and asked him if he thought whether any space could be gained through a redesign of the complex.