Reply to “Let Me In” criticism

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By The Staff

In response to George Jennings, Jr.’s letter regarding the production in Los Alamos of the film, “Let Me In,” please allow me to address his concern on behalf of the “Let Me In” production team.

“Let Me In” draws inspiration from the Swedish film, “Let the Right One In,” which was highly praised when it was released in the United States last year. The film has a passionate fan base among audiences and highly respected critics and media outlets. The film earned the Best Narrative Feature honor from the Tribeca Film Festival last year and the Washington Post said it was, “A spectacularly moving and elegant movie, and to dismiss it into genre-hood, to mentally stuff it into the horror pigeonhole, is to overlook a remarkable film.” 

While the original book, “Let the Right One In,” was source material for the first film, that movie did not incorporate some of the more mature and potentially disturbing aspects of the book.  Jennings may have assumed “Let Me In” is a direct adaptation of the novel. This is not the case. The screenplay for the American remake follows the Swedish film creatively. We urge anyone interested in the basis of our new film to screen the Swedish version, “Let the Right One In.” We look forward to filming in Los Alamos, which is graced with spectacular vistas and, we hope, plenty of snow. I feel confident “Let Me In.” will be a film of which your community will be proud.  

Donna Gigliotti

Producer, “Let Me In”