Remembering Louis Rosen

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A presentation will be given at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday

By Special to the Monitor

Well-known scientist and holder of the prestigious Los Alamos National Laboratory Medal, Louis Rosen was a Manhattan Project veteran whose notable career in nuclear physics included the founding of the LANSCE accelerator project, a major national basic research facility.  

In the 1980’s, with the accelerator in full

operation as “the flagship of American nuclear physics research,” Rosen was able to give some attention to a concern that he shared with many thoughtful scientists, namely the escalating nuclear arms race.

He became an advocate for nuclear weapons control and the reduction of cold war tensions, formally recommending that a national security center be set up at Los Alamos.  

By 1987, the Laboratory had established its Center for National Security Studies (CNSS).   Rosen, as a Senior Fellow, became an active member of CNSS and he continued this interest until his recent death at age 91.

Reflections on Rosen’s arms control legacy will be given by a panel of four speakers who are themselves recognized contributors to the field: John Hopkins, former leader of LANL’s weapons programs and a former director of CNSS; Paul White, former leader of the Laboratory’s National Security Office and a former director of CNSS; Molly Cernicek, former member of the LANL Center for International Security Affairs; and David Thomson, former member of CNSS and founder of LACACIS.