Remember the stop sign

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School safety is undoubtedly on everyone’s mind. We should also take into consideration the safety of our students as they’re traveling to and from school.
Older students are on their way to school before 8 a.m. while elementary students have until 8:20 a.m.
All the students head home after 3 p.m. every day with one exception — the elementary schools are out at noon on Wednesday afternoons. Please make note of this time, especially if you head home for lunch.
Many students walk or ride their bikes or scooters to school. Several corners have crossing guards, but many do not. Please pay attention to the streets and the crossing guards. The hand-held stop signs they use are equivalent to existing stop signs. It is illegal to make a right turn through the crosswalk when the guard has traffic stopped.
It is also illegal to pass around a car that is stopped at a crosswalk. The car in front of you is stopped for a reason. Please slow down in the school zones and make a complete stop well before the crosswalk.
Making a complete stop at a stop sign applies to buses, too. When the school bus is stopped and the stop sign is out, traffic in both directions must stop and remain stopped until the bus driver removes the stop sign.
The students getting off the buses are often very small children and difficult to see.
Too many people continue to use their cell phones when they’re driving in the school zones. Please don’t text (or talk) and drive. The message can wait. Our attention needs to be on the road.
You never know when a student may inadvertently run out into the road.
Parents, we need to remind our students to stop, look and listen and to be sure the car has completely stopped before crossing the street. Like drivers, students should avoid talking or texting while crossing the street. Their attention needs to be on the road, too.
Let’s have a safe year for our students.
Diana McPherson
White Rock