Relearning the joy of living

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Bhasweti Gewhas

Last month I moved to Los Alamos and very soon I found out - this is a city of science, “where discoveries are made.” I wanted to know if people here are ready to discover their inner world.
The more I began thinking about restarting my therapy practice here, the more I became stressed out. I literally stopped experiencing the joy of life.
Every time I feel disoriented I look inside for insight.
The trick is to connect the inner mind into becoming aware of what is happening around you, observing the sequence of thoughts and connections to the events.
When we perceive from an inner perspective, new meanings about life arise for us. Then the hard realities, the stress, the anxious moments, all start shifting, gradually resolving and giving way to a new flow of creativity.
As I slowed down my thoughts and focused on how grateful I am for all that I have, I felt calm and peaceful.
Realizing this change has given me new opportunities to write, paint and do creative projects in this new city. It made me feel excited. Finding more time to do meditation, yoga, energy healing for myself as well as my family made me feel happy.
Let me tell you the easy method that I use often to transform stress. This is the process of self-discovery. Find some time to reflect on the following questions. Your answers will find you the deeper understanding about life and your relation to stress.
1. How often do you feel stressed?
2. What are the main causes of your stress?
3. On a scale of 0-10, how much is your stress level in general?
4. How do you cope with your stress?
5. Is this coping mechanism working?
6. If it’s not working, then why?
7. What do you need to do differently to manage stress?
8. What is preventing you from doing that?
9. What will help you do that?
10. What can you do now to start the process?
I encourage you to send your answers to bhasweti@stressfreetools.com to get feedback.
Once you write down your answers, it is time to let go of the stress. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. See yourself letting go of stress from your body and your mind. Deeply exhale all your stress. Continue till you feel calm. Contemplate your calmness.
Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D. is a certified hypnotherapist, life coach, Reiki master, EFT practitioner, theta healer, Feng Shui consultant and ordained minister. Her column will be a regular feature in the Monitor. For more information please visit www.stressfreetools.com.