Red Elvises return to Ashley Pond Friday

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Igor and the Red Elvises return to Ashley Pond at 7 p.m. Friday for a free concert presented by the sponsors of the Los Alamos County Summer Concert Series.
Igor Yuznov is the lead singer and guitarist. He also plays the keyboards , accordion and balalaika. Igor was born in Germany and grew up in the Ukraine.
The bass player, Oleg Bernov is also from Russia and plays an extremely large red balalaika that he built. Bernov is also an accomplished drummer, whistler and European circus clown.
These two men formed the band in 1995 after meeting up at a Russia and America peace march. They are the backbone of the band.
Other members of the band include Dregas Smith, who is from California and plays baritone sax, keyboards and sings.
Sarah Jackson is from Texas and plays, flute, tenor sax, keyboards and also sings. Garrett Morris plays drums and is from California.