Reasons behind slow start

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Adjustments must be made to make-up of committees

By Jay Miller

Our state capitol is moving at a snail’s pace so far this year. It took over a week for House standing committees to be named. Almost three months after her election, Gov. Susana Martinez has not filled her cabinet and some other top appointments.
But not to worry. There are good reasons for both. After losing eight seats to Republicans, Democratic House Speaker Ben Lujan was faced with adjusting the make-up of every committee to reflect the nearly equal balance between the parties.
Some of those decisions were tough. Loyal Democrats had to be removed from prestigious committees, such as Appropriations, Taxation and Judiciary.
Several committees are equally balanced and with the departure from the Democratic Party by Rep. Andy Nunez, Democrats will be outnumbered on the House Transportation and Public Works Committee.
Gov. Martinez also started with a disadvantage. She won her office never having set foot in the Capitol Building. She had to start from scratch in statewide politics. She likely had very few people in mind for any office.