Readers speak out on Trinity project

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If this seems like “deja vu all over again,” it is.  Five years ago, county planning came forward with a concept that involved installing three large roundabouts, back-to-back on Diamond Drive.
Fortunately, the councilors listened to the public outcry,  backed off this pretentious plan and it was shelved.
It now seems to have been resurrected in an even more pretentious plan regarding Trinity Drive.  A briefing by a consultant to the county presented this evening (Jan. 11) depicted several alternatives for developing Trinity, including two options (A1 and A2) that involve narrowing it to two traffic lanes and a turning lane, and adding 5 to 8 (no less!) roundabouts.
“Magically” they have simulations showing that these options would speed up traffic, defying logic.
 Obviously, these consultants have never been here when the roads are snow and ice covered, when one of our many drivers decides to travel 15 MPH under the speed limit, when many people drive to and from town for lunch, when an emergency vehicle needs to pass, or when there has been an accident.
 Let’s remember that Trinity is the only main artery through town connecting NM 502 with the Jemez and LANL, and would be the main evacuation route if needed.
Two other options are on the table: option B involves 4 lanes, and option C involves 5 lanes.  I call upon the people of this town to express their support for these options, and prevent Los Alamos from being locked in by a misguided decision regarding Trinity Drive.

Victor Gavron
Los Alamos

Excellent observations and predictions

I agree with most of the facts and opinions expressed here, as do many others in Los Alamos. Victor Gavron and Joyce Cady recently obtained about 500 signatures on a petition opposing these changes.

Some of the Los Alamos County citizens and Councilors, with support of a MIG, Inc. Study, are advocating huge changes to NM502. They have a set of "reasons" why this is a terrific idea. I urge citizens of Los Alamos to pay attention to these plans and to think about some of the disadvantages and adverse consequences of the plan. Please take a look at the NM502 information on my website at www.wcmead.org

William Mead