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Bones is ready for his forever friend.

Bones would love to come home with you. He hasn't known many people but you could be the one he needs in his life. Your love and patience will make Bones the playful puppy he knows he can be. He is black and white with big brown eyes, 4 months old and anxious to meet you.


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<p> Ollie would make a great best buddy.</p>

Ollie is curious about her surroundings and enjoys gentle attention from adults. She can be started by sudden noises. She can be a little shy at first but warms up once she knows and trusts someone.


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Stacio is looking for a new home...

Stacio is about 11 years old and was reluctantly surrendered for adoption. He has been groomed and is now fluffy and shiny. He will have a veterinary evaluation. Stacio loves to go for leash walks and knows many obedience commands. Going for rides is great. Stacio might do best in a home without very young toddlers, as he prefers not to have his face and tail grabbed without warning.


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Eudora would adore a new home.

Eudora was found roaming, and her family never came for her. She has had a veterinary update and is now ready for a new home. She is enjoying receiving visitors in the cat room, where she does well with most of the other cats.


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Shadow needs a new best pal...

Shadow is a young brindle, gray and cream color, spayed female pit mix. Very friendly and energetic, affectionate. Benefitting from training at the shelter. Loves to go for walks. No small children because of her size. If Shadow goes to a home with cats or dogs, the introductions will need to be done with caution.


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Gracie is a female Tortie who warms up once she gets to know you.

Gracie is a bit shy but is happy for gentle pets from volunteers and adult visitors. Her previous family reported her to be afraid of their children. Older, gentle children would be a better match for Gracie. She would like to be in a home without dogs. Gracie has excellent litter box manners and is reported to be polite with her claws.


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Allie is a quiet, older cat that needs a home.

Allie is a lovely senior spayed female declawed Calico. Quiet, gnetle, shy, but warms up as her confience grows. Shis fine with older children. She is not fond of dogs.


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Louie is ready for a new home...

Louie is friendly big boy given for adoption when his family moved into a small home. Louie is reported to be great with adults, gentle children, cats, and dogs. He enjoys his family and loves to go for walks - though he needs a prong collar to remind him about leash manners. Louie is reported not to climb, dig, or bark excessively.


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Syd is a more mature kitty looking for a great new home...

Syd is a wonderful 12-year-old neutered male orange tabby. The only reason his family gave him up is that they plan to travel a lot during retirement. He has been good with adults and gentle children. He is house trained. Syd's lovely long orange coat will need frequent brushing to keep it soft and pretty. He sometimes likes to sharpen his claws, so a scratching post is recommended.


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Misty would fit right in a new home.

Misty is a sweet dog who was found protecting another dog on a very cold night. Her canine friend has been adopted, and now Misty is ready for a home. She has been spayed and received a veterinary update. She responds well to walks with the shelter volunteers.


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Michael is looking for a new home...

Michael is a quiet 5-year-old neutered male kitty. He has spent more time with other indoor cats than with people. Now the shelter volunteers have gained his trust, and he has learned how nice it is to lie in the sun and be petted. He responds with the softest purr and a big kitty smile.

Michael has made enough progress that now he even plays with toys. He is enjoying being free to play in the cat room. He would do best in a quiet, gentle home, where his sweet nature can be further nurtured. Michael will come to his human when called. He will follow his person around and wait to be petted. At the shelter, he has been a real gentleman about using the scratching post for claw maintenance.


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Susie wants to start the new year in a new home.

SuzieQ is a young adult spayed female surrendered for adoption. She is a very friendly girl who walks nicely on a leash. She is reported to be good with adults, gentle children, cats, and dogs. She has some obedience training. When lonely, she has been known to do a little digging around the fence.


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Vespa is ready to be your new best friend.

Vespa is a beautiful and sweet adult spayed female kitty who was somehow found roaming nearly 100 miles from her home. Her family was finally found but never came to get her. She has been waiting a long time and has finally given up and decided to find a new family. Despite her ordeal, she is healthy and friendly.


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Shelby is a good looking cat who would love to find a nice home.

Shelby is a DECLAWED, beautiful, friendly adult DLH dilute calico. She gets hissy with some cats but is doing well in the communal cat room at the shelter. She does well with gentle dogs. Shelby must be an indoor cat. She does need to watch her weight a bit.


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Muffet wants to be your new best pal.

Muffet was found by the road three years ago and taken home to a new family. However, Muffet chases and nips at horses, so she can no longer stay with her family. She is good with adults and gentle children, housebroken, leash trained, and a very nice dog. She is a little bit afraid of thunder, and she does a little bit of digging. We don't know how she is with cats, but this kind of dog can have a herding instinct that cats don't like.

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