'Rapunzel' jumps in to the 21st century

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By Special to the Monitor

What does a horse with a floor length mane, a boy dressed as a pregnant woman, long braided hair, rappers, arugula and asparagus have in common? They’re all part of this weekend’s free theater and dance performance of “Rap-Punzel.”
 This modern day version of the fairy tale, directed by UNM-LA adjunct faculty member Melissa Balice, is suitable for younger audiences and open to the public. Shows are at 2 p.m. Saturday at Piñon School in White Rock and  at 2 p.m. Sunday at Los Alamos Middle School. 
Starstuck Youth Theatre veteran Daniel Sarrao lends his talent as the prince in “Rap-Punzel.”  Joseph Sarrao and Wyatt Watson double up their roles in the show as Rapunzel’s parents. Sarrao plays Rapunzel’s “greens-crazed” mother and the prince’s horse. Lydia Kenamond is Rapunzel, while Lily Johnson plays the witch who has protected Rapunzel from the “wicked world” by locking her in the tower. Taran Cooley, Ben Moulton, Emily Moulton and Nicolas Storey are the narrators whose “rap” explains the actions. The play, written by Whitney Ryan Garrity, is presented in modern verse.
Lyrical jazz, ballet and hip-hop dance will add to the entertainment. Jazz is an American art form that is representative of many different cultural influences.
Ballet is the foundation technique for modern jazz dance styles as will be evident in the dancing of Tessa Snyder, Olivia Snyder and Rachel Baer. The Los Alamos YMCA hip-hop class will display their newest dance at the Sunday middle school performance, as well. Actors Storey and Joseph Sarrao display their talents in both the play and dancing segments of the show.
Los Alamos Swing Dance Club, under the direction of Julia Fair, will dance at Saturday’s Piñon School show.  They have been granted a performance at All-State NMMEA in January.   Their high-energy dance performance opens the show.
Starstruck Youth Theatre is a pre-professional acting program offered through the Los Alamos County Recreation Department. This all ages, family show is presented free of charge because of contributions made by the YMCA and Los Alamos National Bank.
For more information, call 661-2661.