Questions remain about warming

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By The Staff

The letter by Charles Chick Keller “Let science make the call on climate,” Jan 5, 2010 was welcomed by me. I was waiting for an opinion by a local scientist in this science-rich town of Los Alamos.

I agree that the warming is real, but the statement that there has been “ no warming in the past eight years,” is pretty mild when the data shows a cooling trend that is equivalent to 2 degrees Celsius per century. How long does this go on before we change our minds about global warming?

Do we hope for the sunspot cycle to pull us back in 10 years or the Pacific Decadal Oscillation in 30 years?

Also, the statement that “the average northern hemisphere is significantly warmer than medieval times,” makes one wonder why everyone hasn’t bought land in Greenland and started grape farming again.

I don’t believe that it has yet been scientifically proven that global warming is caused by man. When scientists figure out cloud theory, maybe we will have more answers. A start may be Henrick Svensmark’s, “The Cloud Mystery.”

Irwin Herb Holmes

Los Alamos