Questions about butterflies

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By The Staff

Stories about butterflies are legion. There are scientific stories like the phenomenal 2,500-mile migration of some Monarch butterflies. The butterfly is often seen as a symbol of the soul (and indeed the Greek word for butterfly is “psyche”).

The classic example of metamorphosis is the life cycle of the butterfly. And the butterfly’s wing became the image of the so-called “Butterfly Effect,” referring to an observation by an obscure meteorologist named Edward Lorenz that the flutter of a butterfly’s wing might effect a weather change on the other side of the planet.

At PEEC, we enjoy learning everything we can about butterflies, but right now we’re focused on the question, “What does a butterfly have to do with the environment?” 

Do butterflies improve our quality of life? Most important, how can the flutter of a butterfly’s wing effect a change in a person’s view of the world?