Quality of Life in LA is slipping

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By The Staff

Quality of life in LA is slipping

Dear Editor,

Vandals in Los Alamos have gone far beyond the graffiti that now appears everywhere. There were two major cases of vandalism at UNM-LA and Sullivan Field in the last 12 months. Vandals and thieves struck CB Fox last year, and Ulli’s store was flooded by vandals recently. Pajarito Acres also experienced multiple break-ins and thefts this spring. Twenty years ago we had little vandalism and theft, and we assumed our town would remain safe. Both White Rock and Los Alamos now have numerous abandoned and neglected properties that draw vandals and provide a place for criminal activity to go unnoticed. All this represents a larger problem that must be addressed now.

As the county spends its millions on expanded office space, as school administrators get new offices with canyon views, and as an extra road is blasted into our mountainside, our town is coming apart and our schools are crumbling. LAHS has lost the national standing that it had when I graduated in 1986, a fact unmentioned by most.

We need a crime-free town with excellent schools to keep residents here and attract new families. Instead, we are losing the asset of our unique natural beauty to too many backhoes. We say we want to be a green community, but we tear down usable buildings instead of renovating them, we fail to encourage private solar power or gray water usage, and we encourage unnecessary asphalt consumption while oil prices soar. The bus is a step toward a greener, pedestrian downtown, but will somebody tell me where downtown has gone? I believe that our county government serves the needs of those who pour concrete and lay pavement, but fails to serve the majority of its citizens. I would like to vote on capital projects and encourage those who agree to contact me at ellenwalton@hotmail.com or 412-0104 to organize this.

Ellen Walton

Los Alamos