Putting Assets into Action: Your commitment to learning exists in a variety of ways

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By The Staff

This week we look at Asset #24, Bonding to School and Assets #25, Reading for Pleasure. According to the Search Institute, “Youth are more likely to grow up healthy when the young person cares about his or her school.”

Your child’s relationship to the school may be directly affected by your relationship with the school. While you may have some frustrations, try not to vent them in front of your child.

If you constantly seem annoyed by something, you may be adding to their anxiety about school on a daily basis.

As parents and caregivers, we may try and fix situations to create an easier outcome for our kids.

Actually sometimes students need to suffer the consequence of something in order to learn a life-long skill. While it may seem easier to just handle it, we actually set our kids up for failure in later years.

If they did an assignment wrong or poorly try not to make it seem like the world will end.

If they suffer a bad score, chalk it up to experience. Remember some of the most successful people in the world failed hundreds of times.

School can be a wonderful place, so find out which staff members in the building your students connect with best.

Learn about all of the clubs and organizations and see if any of them interest your student.

If they enjoy a sport, but don’t play for the school team, attend an event together.

It not only shows extra support for the team, but support for the school, too.

Think of the homecoming game for the Hilltoppers. That single game probably has more attendance than any other game other than a play off.

The game often brings back alumni and other community members who don’t regularly turn up just to support the home team.  

This week, we also look at Asset #25, Reading for Pleasure. According to the Search Institute, “Youth are more likely to grow up healthy when they read for pleasure three or more hours per week.”

I’ve been very impressed lately with the number of kids who enjoy reading for pleasure.

If your child hasn’t hit that love of reading yet, hang in there. Our children found that true love of reading at three different grade levels ranging from first and third to fifth.  

There are several ways to encourage reading.

Try generating an interest in a book by reading the book before they see the movie. One that should be really good, especially for young boys comes out in movie form in February. The movie and book is “Percy Jackson and the Demigod Files.”

You can start by reading it as a family or seeing if your child likes to read it on his or her own.

I also see that it suits a variety of age ranges and even teachers and parents find it an intriguing story.

You’d be surprised by the number of teachers that are reading youth books throughout the summer, so they can recommend them to students or read them to their class.

There are some books that you can read first, graduate to a book on tape or CD and then maybe see come to life as a movie.

I always hear that movies don’t live up to the book and often they can’t ,as so many things need to be taken into consideration.

The beauty is that youth aren’t as jaded as we are in our supposed more mature state.

They don’t care who reads aloud or which actor or actress was cast in the role. They only see the words come off the page and into being.

There’s a wonderful simplicity in being able to get lost in the page and so very many free opportunities to do so, usually located just down the street.

Bernadette Lauritzen is the Assets In Action coordinator for Los Alamos. She can be heard Mondays on KRSN AM 1490 from 9-10 a.m. She welcomes suggestions and comments at 661-4846. You can also learn more at www.AssetsInAction.info.