Publisher is nothing more than common carpetbagger

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I am writing to register my utter disgust at Monitor Publisher Keven Todd’s unconscionable comparison of a local citizen to Adolf Hitler.  
In his Oct. 24 blog commentary, “County council must be from France,” publisher Todd likens Los Alamos resident Richard Hannemann to the murderous “Fuhrer standing triumphant at the table” for Hanneman’s successful petition giving citizens an opportunity to vote on a replacement County Municipal Building.
I would like to remind Monitor Publisher Todd, a relative newcomer to our community whose recent displays of community “insight” betray him as the carpetbagger he really is, that our community’s charter has a well-prescribed process available to citizens to redress the actions of the county council. Mr. Hannemann successfully followed this process and gathered nearly 2,000 signatures on his petition, which, as anyone who has attempted similar initiatives knows, is no trivial  task.
Whether or not you agree with Mr. Hannemann’s sentiments regarding the Municipal Building, it is clear that Hanneman chose in good faith to  follow our county’s democratic and administrative processes. His  petition works to give residents a voice at a time when many have lost faith in the judgment of our county council and county administrator.
Most reasonable people would agree that seeking dispute resolution in the manner prescribed by our community founders is certainly more constructive than putting a local citizen on par with a genocidal  psychopath responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people.
Publisher Todd should be deeply ashamed.

Caroline Spaeth
Los Alamos

Publisher’s note: Caroline, normally I wouldn’t respond but I feel that I must in light of such a flagitious personal attack. In all reality, I’m far more likely to be a barbarian and a rapscallion as opposed to a carpetbagger. Really? C’mon, I was born in Texas! That alone should automatically eliminate me from the ranks of carpetbaggers. But, seriously, I need to apologize because my satirical approach to addressing some serious issues was obviously lost in your translation. Perhaps Kendra Henning’s letter can shed more light on the core focus in terms of what I was attempting to communicate in the blog.