Proud to be an American, thank those who serve

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Assets in Action

By Bernadette Lauritzen


Recently, I had the pleasure of going with a young person to register to vote.

How exciting to salute this rite of passage with a small celebration. How exciting that youth are excited about the process.

The League of Women Voters makes it easy for high school students to get registered, and for that we thank them.

This particular student wanted to do it at the County Clerk’s Office, in particular to have an assist from County Clerk Sharon Stover, as she has known the student since kindergarten and when she was a team leader in the Los Alamos Youth Leadership program.

The form was filled out, some questions clarified and a ceremonial photo taken to mark the day. Stover and her cheerful crew were a delight.

My hope is that local television ads for the governor and the attorney general will not derail the joy of voting, for the student. Do we really need to be running political ads in June for a November election? The answer is no.

I hate the politics of attack ads that are just legitimized bullying that kind of like celebrating the winter holidays, just seem to take place earlier and earlier.

My hope instead is that this Fourth of July will hold special meaning for a newly registered voter. That they see the voting process differently this year and understand the commitment spent by the men and women of the past and present that have served our country.

As adults, we can do or assist youth in doing something to mark the day in a way that highlights the meaning of truly being American. It doesn’t have to be something grand, writing a note, coloring a photo — a little something before the hot dogs are served or the fireworks fly.

There are multiple organizations in town that house some pretty stellar veterans, like Sombrillo Rehabilitation Center, Aspen Ridge, The Veteran’s of Foreign Wars, the American Legion and more. There are also many local families with kids serving abroad.

If you take the time to make cards and get them to me, I will make sure they get into the hands of a young person that is currently serving in some capacity.

We take so much for granted so much of the time, but this particular holiday can also be used to give thanks, to give back, to salute those that allow us to live such a great life.

If you have some cards, call me at 695-9139 or email AssetsInAction@att.net. Have a safe 4th! Assets In Action is sponsored by the JJAB and the LACDC.