Property crime spikes

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By Tris DeRoma


Property crimes in Los Alamos took a sharp spike upwards, according to the latest crime stats report from the Los Alamos Police Department. However, not to worry; apparently it is the result of one man. 

“The increase is substantively attributed to a series of thefts from vehicles that occurred in the spring. An individual was arrested and charged with 38 counts related to these thefts,” said Police Chief Dino Sgambellone in the police department’s quarterly release of crime stats in Los Alamos County. 

That individual was Skylar B. Smith, 22, of Santa Fe, who was arrested in June for burglarizing about 20 cars, committing 16 counts of larceny and two credit card thefts.

In most of the breakins, police noted, the car doors were unlocked, allowing him to take whatever he wanted. 

To give a perspective, police recorded 76 property crimes in 2013. In 2014, the number increased by 30 percent, for a total of 99 property crimes, according to police. 

In the same report, police also reported that incidents of violent crime went down from last year by 9 percent. According to the report, Los Alamos experienced 23 violent crime offenses in 2013. In 2014, it was 21. 

In his report, Sgambellone said the records department compiled the stats through the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “Uniform Crime Report Program.” He said property crimes and violent crimes are classified by the FBI as “Part I Offenses.”

Sgambellone said residents can do much, without doing a lot to bring crime down.

“People can deter crime by making it harder for these people,” he said.  “If the door’s locked, they might move on the next one. People need to start taking the time to do this.”