The problem of peace in the Middle East

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

This is a letter that I wrote recently to the president, that I would like to share with the community:

The world desires peace in the Middle East, but does the United States share that desire?  Evidently not.

The United States actually contributes to Middle East turmoil between Palestine and Israel by our carte blanche support of Israel.  We give Israel billions in economic and military aid every year that it uses to batter Palestinian communities, kill innocent civilians, and seize Palestinian land and other resources, including water supplies.

And Israel does this in violation of the agreement with the U.S. that military aid be used only within its borders, i.e., for internal security.

Overall, the actions of Israel in Palestine violate international law, Geneva accords, U.N. resolutions, and the basic tenets of social justice, but Israel says that this is all in self-defense.  

So it defends itself with the fourth -argest military in the world and a cache of nuclear weapons, against a Palestine armed with AK-47s, suicide bombers, and rockets of questionable accuracy.

And Israel does much of this with the aid of our tax dollars.  It occupies Palestinian territory, builds an apartheid wall, and builds settlements in the occupied territory, all with our help.

We must stop the aid to Israel until it makes a real move toward peace by vacating the occupied territory.

Richard Foster

Los Alamos