A powerful statement

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By Ralph Damiani

In the world of today, money is tight. The only ones who seem to have money is the federal government - and they are borrowing to the hilt.

But state government is strapped, as is Los Alamos Schools.

In an effort to help the situation here, Ellen Mills, president of the Los Alamos Federation of School Employees, told the school board that the union argeed to take a pay cut.

This action should not be just brushed away without notice, it is an extraordinary event that deserves notice and praise.

The union argeed to the district’s budget proposal to reduce contracts to 185 days and to take one day of unpaid leave. While they did say – and probably should have said – that they  were displeased with the idea, still, they went ahead.

And for that they should receive praise.

Mills told the board that the union acted generously to help see to it that no one loses their job.

It seemed like the school board took notice of the action by the union and will review an overview for an LAPS Lobbying Task Force.

We do have one word of warning that the board seems to have a misunderstanding about - do not complain about the $8 million the district receives from the Department of Energy.

Honestly, we are tired of hearing about the fact that this money has not been adjusted for inflation in years. Get over it. It never will be. And trust us, there are many - many - school districts that would take that money right now, inflation adjustment or not.

We encourage the board to spend all of its time and energy fighting inadequate state funding and funding complications from a potential new funding formula that would be huge problems for the district.

Fight that fight, never mention the $8 million and maybe it will be forgotten. The only thing that will get us from the state is grief - and funding cuts.