Power outages here absurd

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

In late June, 2006, my older daughter and family from Stillwater, Minn., visited us. During their visit we had a, power outage, and my son-in-law asked me if we had many of them. I had started counting early in, the year after the power went out one Tuesday evening, when the table tennis club meets at the golf club.  The outage at hand was No. 6 since I had started counting. When I told my son-In-law this he was astounded. He said they had had one outage in the 17 years they had lived in Stillwater, and that was during a ferocious wind and rainstorm.  Stillwater is an old town with lots of big trees, and one would guess old utilities. Nonetheless, there has been only one power outage in 17 years!

So, despite the “we’re working on it” words and attitude the county, I am more and more convinced that no one on county staff knows as much as they should about electrical power distribution, and that some of the money the Councilors readily disburse on unnecessary things should be used to hire more informed personnel, and to do better work and repair on our existing power system. The number of outages that we have is ridiculous.

Edgar Stein

Los Alamos