Porter faces new charge

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By Tris DeRoma

Steven Porter, the White Rock resident who is facing 20 drug charges including 13 felonies, may not be out of jail for a while.
While out on bail for those charges, (He successfully posted 10 percent of his $102,000 bond) He allegedly took off his GPS monitoring device, according to police.
Court Parole Officer Linda Pena noted in a probable cause statement that she noticed “abrasions, bruising and scrapes on Mr. Porter’s ankle and foot where his electronic monitoring device was placed. She also noted that the hair on Porter’s ankle was nearly gone, a telltale sign that the device had been tampered with, according to her.
Upon discovery, Porter was promptly rearrested and brought back into custody. Porter went to magistrate court for another hearing before judge Pat Casados to face the new felony charge.
Pena also noted in the report that there was a “substantial amount of time“ between Friday, Aug. 22 and the Saturday, Aug. 23 that the device showed no movement.
“Which means, during that 20-hour period of time, Mr. Porter was either motionless, or he was not wearing the device,” said police in the probable cause statement.
Porter’s lawyer, Elden Pennington, tried to argue that the particular GPS device monitoring Porter’s movements was unreliable.
Pennington said a California Department of Corrections study ruled that the particular devices in question were highly inaccurate and so “pose an immediate threat to public safety due to their inaccuracy.”
“Essentially, Mr. Porter is accused of escaping because this device didn’t move,” Pennington said, adding that the device is also equipped with multiple circuits that would notify the court if the device was removed or tampered with in any way.
While Casados took into consideration Pennington’s argument, she also weighed it against Prior’s original conditions for release while awaiting trial on the vandalism and drug charges.
“I am very upset that there are new charges, Mr. Porter.” Casados said, referring to the escape charge.
“That is one of the conditions we went over. I specifically said you couldn’t even get a traffic ticket.”
While she also said to Porter that he’s innocent until proven guilty, there are new charges, so she had no choice to reinstate his $102,000 bond. In order to be released from jail, Porter will have to come up with the other $90,000 of the $102,000 bond, plus the entire $5,000 bond for the new GPS tampering charge. Porter is due to appear in magistrate court Sept. 2 for a status hearing regarding the vandalism and drug charges.
Friday, neighbors in Pajarito Acres will be meeting with police to discuss their concerns about Porter. During a search of his home, police discovered devices and materials he used to commit the acts of vandalism, as well as a cache of 66 weapons.

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