Police cadet charged with DWI

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By Carol A. Clark

Officers responding to a crash on 46th street near Yucca shortly after 1 a.m., Sunday arrested Daniel LaDuke at the scene and charged him with DWI and careless driving.

LaDuke, 32, is a cadet on probation with the Los Alamos Police Department who was off duty at the time.

According to the Statement of Probable Cause, LaDuke admitted crashing the police cruiser he was using to travel back and forth to the police academy in Santa Fe.

The vehicle incurred damage to the passenger side, the passenger side rear tire was blown out and its wheel was damaged, according to the report.

The report states that LaDuke agreed to a field sobriety test at the scene, which he failed.

LaDuke also agreed to a blood test, according to the report, for which police transported him to Los Alamos Medical Center where a sample of his blood was drawn.

The officers then transported LaDuke to the Los Alamos Detention Facility where he was booked and spent the remainder of the night.

Chief Wayne Torpy expressed his disappointment during an interview Monday morning.

“The actions of this probationary officer are an embarrassment to me, to his fellow officers, this department, the county and the community at large who expect nothing less than the very best from its police officers,” Torpy said.

“This individual was treated as any citizen under the law as he was arrested by one of our patrol officers, charged with DWI and booked into our detention facility where he remained overnight,” Torpy said. “Pending the outcome of our investigation, he could face our severest disciplinary action.”

LaDuke entered the police academy in Santa Fe in January and was scheduled to graduate early this fall.

Capt. Randy Foster praised the arresting officers for their conduct during the difficult situation.

“We always hold ourselves to a higher standard and while this is certainly an embarrassment for us, I appreciate and am proud of the professionalism exhibited by Sgt. Andrew Goldie and his team,” Foster said. “They handled this arrest as they would any other.”

A date is pending for LaDuke to appear in Magistrate Court to answer for the charges filed against him.