Police asking for public help in investigating incidents -- more photos added

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The Los Alamos Police Department is looking to the public for help after investigating a number of incidents in the past month.


On March 14, LAPD responded to the Jemez House Thrift Store in White Rock for an attempted shoplifting.

According to a LAPD release, the male subject entered the store and attempted to conceal merchandise without paying for it when he was confronted by several store patrons. While witnesses were attempting to call police the subject forced his way passed the patrons and left in his vehicle. One of the patrons sustained an injury during this process.

The male will be facing aggravated battery charges as a result of this investigation.

“The male left in a black Mazda 4-door that did not have a license plate. It had a temporary registration sticker that was removed by suspect(s) during time they were fleeing the scene,” according to the police report.
Three other persons were passengers in the escape vehicle, including two children approximately 10-12 years of age.
The vehicle was followed by another store patron who confirmed that it left Los Alamos County.
The male is described as approximately 40 years of age, 6-feet-2 and around 230-250 pounds.

Another person took several photos of the car as it fled.

LAPD is offering up to a $250 reward for information leading to the apprehension of the suspect or suspects. If anyone has any information in the identity of the registered owner of the vehicle or any persons involved, they should contact Detective Sergeant Oliver Morris at 662-8281, or Detective Paige Early at 662-8274.
Also on March 14, nearly a dozen vehicles were damaged in the Los Alamos area by criminals shooting side windows or parked vehicles with a BB or pellet gun. The vehicle damage occurred Thursday evening or early Friday morning.
Police are also offering up to a $250 reward for any information on those occurrences.

LAPD also is searching for any information on two male suspects who committed several automotive burglaries last Valentines Day, in the early morning hours.

Suspects were captured on video driving up in a four-door car in Los Alamos County where they in-turn exited on foot and pulled on unlocked vehicle doors to steal items.

A firearm is among the reported stolen items.

Anyone who can identify the vehicle or one or any of the suspects may be able to receive a reward of up to $250 for the arrest and prosecution of these suspects.

If you have information, call Detective Ben Hinrichs at 663-1795 or Morris at 662-8281.