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Dana Crooks

“Oh what a life,
the life of a teen.
You’re too young and too
to know anything.
You can’t possibly know what
love is.
You don’t know how it feels.
Your dreams are too big.
You don’t know what is real.”
But I see all the problems.
I realize life’s hard.
I love him to death
and can’t see us apart.
My dreams may be big
but I’ll shoot for the stars
and I’ll always have hope
and strive to go far.
“You act without thought,
don’t consider consequence,
doing things that seem
You lack common sense.
You take too many risks
and stay up too late.
What will become of this
Are we doomed at this rate?”
I go with my instincts
and feel with my gut.
And I continue to get up
when I fall on my butt.
I push for new things
and observe the unknown.
After all, without risk,
there’s no way we could
I see the world differently,
opportunities untouched,
and this is just how I am,
though it might not seem like
But I’m the next generation
and I won’t let you down,
making a promise,
as I stand hear in my gown.
Things are going to change,
but you’ll have to have trust.
We’ll do the best that we can,
it’s now up to us.

— Dana Crooks, junior