Please support school bond

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

 I was elated last summer when I was hired to work as a teacher at Los Alamos Middle School. The prior summer I visited Los Alamos and was very impressed by the town’s infrastructure and by its palpable sense of community pride. 

That first summer I visited the Fuller Lodge and was very impressed. Then, I visited the library and was very impressed. Then, I visited the world-class aquatic center and continued to be impressed. Since teaching at LAMS,  I’ve visited the “Y,” the skate park and a myriad of other places; all very impressive. I’ve ridden the Atomic City Transit around town and been amazed that such an efficient, friendly public transit system exists in a relatively small, mountain town.

Over the past several months I’ve had the privilege of teaching the students at Los Alamos Middle School. Again, I’ve been amazed. I’ve also found it immensely enriching to work with such professional, concerned and involved parents.  Even though I’ve worked at several great schools in my career,  none has had the quality of students, parents and faculty I’ve found here in Los Alamos.

While in California, my children were fortunate to graduate from a high school with a student body similar to that of Los Alamos High. Both of my children went on to attend U.C. schools (U.C.L.A and Santa Barbara) then later Columbia and NYU. Because of my own experiences with high quality public school systems, I felt an immediate affinity for Los Alamos Public Schools. 

But then I visited my “new” school. When I saw the age and condition of our schools I was taken aback. I was expecting to see modern, first-rate schools like those my children attended.

Since my first visit to LAMS, I’ve felt a nagging sense of incongruity about Los Alamos. I keep asking myself, “how can a community that is so world-class in every respect have such dated and substandard school facilities?” I scratch my head and wonder, “how can such a world-class community allow its children to walk into school buildings that are second-rate in age and amenities?” It is simply incongruent.

Until Jan. 27, the voters of Los Alamos have the opportunity to take a huge step toward ending the incongruity. Our students, parents and community are world-class. Our community spirit, pride and infrastructure are the envy of the entire Southwest region. Isn’t it time we begin to update our schools to match the rest of our world-class community?  The answer is clear! The need is immediate. The time is now.

Please vote, before Jan. 27, for the Los Alamos Public Schools Bond. Vote to end the incongruity. Vote to continue building the pride of Los Alamos.

Los Alamos