Plea to Demo Garden thieves

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An open letter to the people picking the vegetables from the downtown Demo Garden:
All spring and summer, several dedicated children, led by Marion Goode and sponsored by 4H, took an empty piece of the Demo Garden, on the corner of  Oppenheimer and Central Avenue, and turned it into a vibrant vegetable garden.  
In  doing this project, they learned a lot, beautified the town, and earned their level 1 certificate from the National Junior Master Gardener Program.
Now as their vegetables are coming ripe — someone is stealing their produce. In early September, they found so many prized and nurtured items stolen, that it was difficult for them to pick sufficient produce to enter into the New Mexico State Fair.  
This happened even despite  “No Stealing” and “Children’s  Garden” signs that had been placed in the garden in August.
It is a sorry state of events that in Los Alamos, people think it is okay to steal from other people’s gardens.  And worse — to think that it is okay to steal from the work of children.
Please help these heartbroken kids and keep a watchful eye on the remains of  their garden so that they can safely harvest the rest of their crops.

Heather Burke
Los Alamos