Persistence and drive pay off

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By Kirsten Laskey

Those sayings, which exclaim that you can do whatever you want as long you have drive and passion, sometimes sound worn out.

Yet, the motivational statements still ring true and local photographer Kimber Wallwork-Heineman can attest to them.

On June 21, she will be in Madrid, Spain for the World Wide Photography Gala Award.

Four of Wallwork-Heineman’s photographs will be displayed at the Museum Circle of Fine Art in Madrid and she also won honorable mention for her photograph, “Freedom is a Spirit,” in the competition.

Not only is Wallwork-Heineman showing her work on an international stage but she is also exhibiting at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colo.

Her photograph, “The Chase,” will be displayed in Fort Collins.

The title of the exhibit is “Motion,” and it will open with an artist walk on April 2.

Being accepted into the World Wide Photography Gala Award was a surprise to Wallwork-Heineman. She said when she got the e-mail notifying her about her entries, she initially thought it was Madrid, New Mexico.

“I was shocked,” Wallwork-Heineman said. “I am still a little in shock. But I am very excited. I am learning something about photography everyday and there is so much to learn. … (This) is so much fun.”

Wallwork-Heineman said she discovered the World Wide Photography Gala Award by visiting various photography blogs and Web sites.

Additionally, as she sends out her work, she will get call for artist notices.

She was also attracted to the World Wide Photography Gala Award because 40 percent of sales from the exhibition will benefit the Save the Children organization.

Having her work exhibited in Fort Collins is also a treat. “I’m very excited,” Wallwork-Heineman said, “there are a lot of different photographers in that show.”

No matter where her work shows up, Wallwork-Heineman has a true love for the art form.

“I love doing portraits of seniors. I guess my biggest love is nature (and) the outdoors, and I like taking pieces of photographs and making collages. Also, I love working in a Photoshop digital darkroom. It allows you to take a photograph and really bring out the best in it.”

Wallwork-Heineman worked at the Valles Caldera until four years ago when she turned to photography full-time. “I just love it,” she said, “I love everything about it.”

What is the key to her success? Wallwork-Heineman said it is “determination (and) persistence. I‘m very passionate about it. I focus on getting better and I spend time on it every day.

“Plus, my wonderful, fabulous partner in life has encouraged me to do this. I couldn’t do this without him. He’s just amazing.”

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