People in the news 11-17-13

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Friday was Staff Appreciation Day at Los Alamos High School.  Some 35 members of the ’Topper Parent Organization prepared a lunchtime feast for school staff which was served by TPO President Cecilia Garcia-Frank, Elizabeth Cooper, Olivia Li, Janine Tulenko, Deborah Ulibarri and S. Parker.

“The LAHS staff really looks forward to the great feasts the TPO puts on for us,” said Principal Sandra Warnock. “We feel very spoiled by our TPO and greatly appreciate their hard work.”  

Warnock also expressed her thanks to the TPO for recent items donated to the school by parents under the TPO’s Wish List Program.

“The TPO gathers items for our classrooms so that teachers don’t have to spend so much of their own money on supplies,” she said.


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Amethyst Collins of Los Alamos, is serving as a member of the Greyhound Sound at Eastern New Mexico University.

The Greyhound Sound Marching Band (GSMB) has a tradition of excellence that spans more than 75 years and is made up of both music and non-music majors. Directed by Dustin Seifert, the GSMB plays musical numbers and provides entertainment for the fans at ENMU.