People are speaking up

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Sustainability Town Hall sends a clear message

The residents of Los Alamos County made a clear statement that they are ready, willing and able to assist in the creation of a sustainable community.  
The Town Hall held on March 5 had around 50 attendees that generated an array of innovative and actionable ideas.  While the coffee pot ran dry about half way through the event, the ideas kept flowing.
The event began with introductions by Mike Wismer, the council liaison to the Environmental Sustainability Board (ESB), and Monica Witt, the chair of the ESB.  These brief introductions were followed by a presentation summarizing the county sustainability initiative.  The introductions and presentation provided the attendees with important information and helped stimulate the generation of ideas for the remainder of the town hall, the small group discussions.  Attendees formed small groups and discussed the following two questions:
How aggressive should the community pursue sustainability, and what initiatives or actions should the county focus on?
As a resident what actions are you willing to take in your own life to help create a more sustainable community? During the discussions the dominant opinion was that Los Alamos County needs to aggressively pursue sustainability.  This is a community that was founded on, and continues to thrive on innovation, and the feeling is that the community needs to carry this innovation into the area of sustainability.   There are a handful of ideas generated at the town hall that we are currently actively pursuing in order to help assist residents in developing a more sustainable Los Alamos County.  If you have questions about the event or would like to see the notes from the discussion,  call me at 662-8383 or e-mail tom.nagawiecki@lacnm.us    
Tom Nagawieki,
Environmental Services