PEN&INKee^POSSIBILITIES:The younger generation shows its stuff

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By Kirsten Laskey

It seems a common misconception that there is a limitation for what young people can do. Adults are known for saying “You’re only a child,” or “You’re too young,” as though the amount of capabilities only grow as a person’s age increases. However, teenagers have a knack for proving this misconception wrong.

Take, for example, the Los Alamos High School ballroom classes’ open house held Monday at Griffith Gym. These students effortlessly performed various types of dances including salsa, belly dancing and square dancing with grace. They made the adult dancers on TV shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” look stiff and amateurish.

These students spun, dipped and shook their hips to the rhythms of the music. The boys looked suave in their black outfits while the girls sparkled in their formal dresses. It was as if everyone in the audience was a spectator to a professional ballroom competition.

Through their appearances and movements, these students proved they had something to offer the audience. They proved they are capable of creating something beautiful.

The great thing was the young people proved their capabilities to an enormous crowd, many of them adults.

The bleachers at the gym were packed and the audience roared and cheered at the beginning and end of each performance. In the parking lot, cars were jammed into spaces and some were perched on grass medians.

Perhaps even more significantly, at the end the show, the audience had the opportunity to learn some moves from the young dancers. It was an opportunity many people sitting in the bleachers were happy to seize.

Streams of people rushed to the gym floor to take instruction from the young teachers. How touching it was to see such appreciation toward young people and to see people want to follow their example.