PEN&INKee^POSSIBILITIES:ee^Let’s hear it for the ladies who lunch

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By Kirsten Laskey

Thursdays have traditionally been my favorite day. It started in elementary school because that was the day my second grade class went to the school library. Later, it became my favorite day because it signified the beginning of the end of the work week. I reasoned that Friday was just around the corner and I had successfully made it through another week.

But Thursday means something else to me now. On this particular day, when I see 12:30 p.m. appear on my computer screen, I give a silent cheer. This is when I meet with my friends for our weekly lunch.

It’s an event worthy of a book or a TV show. We work in different places, are married or single, and some of us are mothers and others of us are not. Our ages range from the 20s to the worldly experienced.

Our differences don’t spoil things though; in fact, at the lunch table they don’t even matter. For an hour we are just a group of women taking a break from the daily routine.

We dissect our problems at work, we laugh about the silly things that have happened to us and we talk about our pets, pasts and families.

Anything can come up. The other day we all rippled our arm muscles and admired each other’s bulging biceps.

I leave these get-togethers feeling refreshed. The rest of the day seems like a piece of cake.

There are so many stories about a group of best friends. I love the best buds in “The Joy Luck Club,”  “Steel Magnolias,”  “The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood” and “How to Make an American Quilt.” The friends in these stories may have different circumstances and unique settings but the bonds of friendships are the same. These groups of friends stick together no matter the trials and they have each other’s backs.

In the past I would read these stories and feel secretly jealous of the characters’ sisterhoods. I daydreamed about being a part of them.

While my sister has always been my best friend, these days I feel lucky to be a part of another circle of friendship, affectionately known as the Ladies Who Lunch.