Pelosi expected to remain House Democrats' leader

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By Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite suffering near-historic election losses this month, House Democrats moved closer Wednesday to keeping their leadership team intact, with Nancy Pelosi of California still in the party's top job.

Her allies predicted she would win overwhelmingly, particularly given the 129-68 vote to defeat an effort by Pelosi's critics to postpone the leadership election until next month.

Both parties are holding closed-door House leadership elections Wednesday, with little controversy over who will lead the incoming Republican majority. The focus was on the fate of Pelosi, history's first woman House speaker, who was dethroned two weeks ago by voters incensed over the Democrats' handling of health care, the economy and more.

Democrats lost more than 60 House seats to Republicans, who were poised Wednesday to elect Ohio's John Boehner as speaker when the new Congress convenes in January.

In meetings over two days, Democrats vented their frustration over the election results and Pelosi's share of the blame. She rejected it, but appeared to soothe enough of her angry colleagues by Tuesday night to ensure her election to the top post.