Like peanut butter and jelly, folk and fine art mesh well together

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By Kirsten Laskey

Like oil and water, black and white, night and day, fine art and folk art seem to have nothing in common. They’re complete opposites.

Fine art is formal, professional, and feature traditional themes such as landscapes and still life. While folk art is untraditional and democratic – anyone can create a piece of folk art.

What if this assumption is not the case? Perhaps the line dividing these two artistic styles is not so clear. The Los Alamos Fuller Lodge Art Center is erasing any existing barriers between fine and folk art in its upcoming exhibit, “Folk Art Meets Fine Art: Artists’ Best.”

So far, several artists have jumped at the opportunity to help blend folk and fine art together.

For instance, Molly Hyde submitted an oil painting, which features an example of folk art – a ceramic pitcher in the shape of a chicken. Also, photographer Shari Mills entered her photographs, which have been digitally altered to resemble paintings.

But other artists are needed to participate in the show. The deadline to submit entries is Friday. For an application, call the center at 662-1635 or visit fulllerlodgeartcenter.com. Nancy Coombs of the Art Center encourages artists  to participate because, “being a part of any show at the Art Center has a reputation for featuring professional artists side by side with emerging artists. We try to do a wide variety of themes throughout the year to give everyone an opportunity (to show their work).”