Paul Martinez gets probation

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Courts > Defendant pleads no contest after claiming he was jumped in VFW parking lot

By Tris DeRoma

Paul Martinez, the Los Alamos youth who tried to cover up a bungled drug deal by saying he was mugged, was sentenced in magistrate court last week.
Martinez was charged with making a false report about a violation of the criminal code. In court, he pleaded no contest to the charge and waived a jury trial.
His attorney, Bill Snowden, asked Judge Pat Casados for leniency for his client.
“He seems to have learned his lesson and is prepared to deal with his mistake in entering his no contest plea,” Snowden said. “Therefore, it seems appropriate he receive a sentence in the lower range.”
Being there was no objection from the state, Martinez was sentenced to 364 days of supervised probation and 24 hours of community service. He must also pay $73 in court costs plus probation fees.
When Casados asked Martinez if he was remorseful, Martinez said yes.
“I’ve learned my lesson and I’m sorry, and I’ve got nothing else to say, your honor,” Martinez said.
When Casados pressed him further about what lessons he learned, Martinez said, “That I’ll never lie — to lie to a county official, to a police officer again.”
Casados also sentenced him to a year in jail, suspended.
While on probation, Martinez will have to also pay $25 per month in probation fees, or $300 in total.
Probation conditions include: obeying all laws while he’s on probation and not being indicted, charged or convicted of any other offenses.
He must obey all conditions of probation, including staying away from alcohol and entering establishments that serve or sell alcohol. Martinez is not allowed to possess a weapon of any kind and must meet with his probation officer within seven days of being sentenced.
Martinez, 24, was arrested in March after apparently lying to police about a previous complaint he made. In that complaint, Martinez told police he left his home to walk around and “cool off” after getting into a fight with his girlfriend.
He then told police that as he was returning to his car, which was parked in the VFW Post parking lot, he was jumped from behind by two individuals who mugged him and stole a large amount of money from him.
However, upon further investigation, police discovered that Martinez actually attacked the two individuals during a drug deal and that’s actually how he became bruised and bloodied in the attack.
Confronted with the facts they uncovered, Martinez confessed to police.
“Paul Martinez made these false claims to a total of five Los Alamos Police officers as well as emergency room staff, causing a police investigation to be performed for felony crimes which did not take place,” said an officer in the report.