Paperboy has own unique style

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Circulation > 11-year-old delivers Los Alamos Monitor on his scooter

By Tris DeRoma

This summer, residents living on Paige Loop and Meadow Lane have come to know a now familiar sight; 11-year-old Kayden Shrader and his metallic blue, electric, Razor scooter.
With his Los Alamos Monitor carrier bag slung over one shoulder, a steady foot and an aim that’s true, Shrader has been delivering issues of the Los Alamos Monitor to resident’s doorsteps for at least a couple of months via his trusty scooter.
While Shrader’s customers are happy with his service, he wants his customers to know he’s just as happy too.
“It gets me outside for fresh air,” he said.
With a little goading from his mother though, Kayden also admits he likes the money he earns from it as well.
With a little financial guidance from mom and dad, it was how he was able to buy his scooter in the first place. His brother Gavin, who is 9, also has a paper route, and between the two of them they’ve bought other things as well, including video games and other things they wanted.
Currently, they are both saving up for a laptop.
But, according to Kayden and Gavin’s mother, Trina, it’s not all about buying “stuff.”
What Trina really likes about her kids’ job is that she and her husband can use it to teach the kids about financial management and community responsibility. While they are free to use half of their weekly earnings on themselves,
Trina explained the rest goes to savings and charity.
“They also save some into an account that they will be able to have when they’re 18, and they also tithe to our church as well as donate to charity,” Trina said.
If you think a paper route would be a good idea for your child, give the Los Alamos Monitor’s circulation manager, Thalia Gibbs-Jackson a call at 662-4185.