Outreach specialist discusses N.M. health reform

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Maria Perez, a community outreach specialist with Health Action NM, will be in Los Alamos, 7 p.m. Thursday at UNM-LA, building 2, lecture hall 230, to present information on the Affordable Care Act, how education and enrollment efforts are going in New Mexico, and how health reform will benefit communities.
New Mexico is a large, rural state with a low population. Out of approximately 2 million residents in the state, about 360,000 people under the age of 65 do not have health insurance, which means that one in five individuals are living without health coverage. Community outreach events are a key way to educate all people living in the state of their new health coverage options, as well as increase civic engagement around the issue of health reform.
Perez will also answer questions about the Affordable Care Act and give options to get involved with the grassroots effort in our neighborhoods and communities. This meeting is hosted by the Democratic Party of Los Alamos County and is open to everyone in the community.
Health Action New Mexico (HANM) is a Bernalillo-based, nonprofit organization. The mission is to achieve affordable, accessible and accountable health care for all people living in the state of New Mexico. Contact HANM at 505-867-1095, info@healthactionnm.org, or HealthActionNM.org.